A Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management
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CMM4RDM v1.0 is officially launched

Last modified by Arden Kirkland on 2014/06/06 11:54

Jun 06 2014

We are very pleased to announce the official launch of this wiki for the Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management, at http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu.

A few of you may already have visited this wiki when we shared it, in draft form, with participants at a workshop for RDAP in March 2014. Now we are opening it up to the wider research data management community.

Is your institution, organization, or project trying to evaluate improvements that are needed for your research data management process? The guidelines and rubrics included in this wiki can help with the evaluation of each individual practice within the overall research data management process.

This capability maturity model is an aspirational model which helps you to see not only how far you've come, but also what steps you can continue to take to improve your research data management process. It is currently a qualitative model, but going forward we may explore weighting each practice so that we can turn the model into a quantitative scorecard for grading a particular research data management process.


This project has grown out of papers by Jian Qin and Kevin Crowston starting in 2009. Most recently, they received a grant from the Sloan Foundation, administered by ICPSR, to flesh out more of the model, present it in a wiki format, and provide a workshop to introduce it to new users. Throughout 2013-2014, Charlotte Flynn helped with writing the model, as a doctoral research assistant. Arden Kirkland helped with editing and structuring the wiki, as a Masters research assistant. When Qin, Crowston, and Flynn presented their workshop at RDAP in March 2014, they received valuable feedback about the model which has influenced its current draft and will continue to influence its further development.

How to Contribute

You can register (free) by visiting the  site. The registration link is located at the top right corner. To start, please read the help document -- How to use this site. Before you contribute a comment or edit to the wiki site, please make sure you read the Guide for authors and editors and Terms of Use

Please bear in mind that the CMM4RDM document is still a work in progress. If you find any errors and typos or flaws in content, please kindly notify us via the comment venue or email to any of the team members. 

Next steps

Now, we need your feedback!

Are there practices in your research data management process that we did not address?

Can you provide additional concrete examples at any maturity level?

Can you provide any tips on how your institution was able to overcome a particular hurdle with regards to the research data management process?

Can you help us to prioritize the weight of each different practice, to help us turn this model into a more quantitative tool?

If so, the wiki is waiting for your contributions. You can leave comments, add tags, and even edit or add to pages. With your interaction, we hope this wiki will be a valuable resource for the research data management community.

You can subscribe to this blog about the project and/or subscribe to the wiki itself: for example, you can choose to receive a daily digest of updates as new contributions are made to the wiki. You can also follow us on Twitter (@CMM4RDM) where we will post links to new blog posts and discuss updates to the model as they occur.

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