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Jul 11 2016

Building Capabilities for Sustainable Research Data Management Practices

Research data management (RDM) requires careful planning and sustained support and engagement from administration and community to achieve optimal performance. This workshop will introduce the Capability Maturity Model Framework (CMMF) for RDM and the Community Capability Model   and use these methodologies together with rubrics as the materials for workshop discussion, activities, and input from the participants. The Workshop will engage participants through a series of key research questions such as benefits of RDM assessment, benchmarking RDM capability, and key practices in CMM/CCMF. ...

Aug 04 2014

Infrastructure, Standards, and Policies for Research Data Management

Although many resources have been made available for research data management, most of them are developed as “islands” and lack linking mechanisms. The lack of integrated and interconnected resources has contributed to high cost and duplicated efforts in data management operations. The vision of research data management as an infrastructure service is not only to improve the efficiency of research data management but also the productivity of the research enterprise. Each of the three dimensions—infrastructure, standards, and policies—addresses a critical aspect of research data management to make the data infrastructure services work.  ...

Jul 02 2014

A Rubric for the CMM4RDM

Last fall I joined the team for the CMM4RDM as a research assistant . . . Once the model was fully developed, I then found it useful to take the ideas from each practice and turn them into a rubric that looks at what each maturity level would look like for each practice area. At the end of the page for each practice area within a chapter, a table displays the rubric for that section. The full rubric is also available as a PDF . . .  ...

Jun 06 2014

CMM4RDM v1.0 is officially launched

We are very pleased to announce the official launch of this wiki for the Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management, at http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu.

A few of you may already have visited this wiki when we shared it, in draft form, with participants at a workshop for RDAP in March 2014. Now we are opening it up to the wider research data management community.

Is your institution, organization, or project trying to evaluate improvements that are needed for your research data management process? The guidelines and rubrics included in this wiki can help with the evaluation of each individual practice within the overall research data management process. ...

Feb 03 2014

RDAP14 Summit Workshop Information

A workshop on the CMM for RDM will be offered at the Research Data Access and Preservation Summit 2014on March 26-28, 2014, in San Diego, CA, USA ...

About RDAP14 Workshop

Read more details about the upcoming workshop at the RDAP14 Summit, about "Building capabilities for sustainable research data management practices." ...

Agenda for RDAP14 Workshop

View the agenda for45 the works hop on Friday, March 28, 2014 at the RDAP Summit in San Diego ...

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