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7 7 **//Process Assessment//**// includes Measurement and Analysis and Verifying Implementation. Measurement and Analysis describes the need to measure the process and analyze the measurements, and typically includes examples of the measurements that could be taken to determine the status and effectiveness of the Activities Performed. Verifying Implementation describes the steps to ensure that the activities are performed in compliance with the process that has been established, and typically encompasses reviews and audits by management and quality assurance.//
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9 -== 2.4.1 Collect process improvement information ==
9 +== 2.4.1 Measurement and Analysis ==
10 10
11 +Projects should develop and implement metrics for the data acquisition, processing and quality assurance processes. Example metrics include the quantity of data being collected or the observed error rate at different points in the process. A small sample of data might be intensively quality checked to provide an estimate of the level of undetected errors in the data collected.
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12 12 == 2.4.2 Assure data quality ==
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