A Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management
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4. Data Dissemination

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4. Data Dissemination

Overall goal: Establish the policy and technical infrastructures for users to share, discover, obtain, and interact with data.

Data generated and produced from research or large-scale data collection projects may have tremendous value for future knowledge creation. But to realize their value for research and society at large, such data must be shared through various channels. Such sharing is complex, as research data come in varying forms, may be owned by public or private entities, and may involve human subjects that require privacy and confidentiality protection. Before any data can be shared, questions must be answered about what is to be shared, who may access the data, whether any restrictions apply, and how data may be disseminated. 

Dissemination of research data as one of the key process areas must have an institution's commitment to perform data dissemination in order to sustain the process. This commitment is mainly embodied by a set of policies to ensure that data dissemination is considered  from the beginning of a research project. Ability to perform includes the tools (technologies) and services that will enable the institution members to carry out the data dissemination process. Activities performed delineate the practices that the institution must put in place to allow data dissemination to be performed in a consistent way so that no wheels will be reinvented. Process assessment identifies the measurements / metrics that will be used to assess how effective the key process (in this case, data dissemination) is performed and where improvement might be needed to enhance the process effectiveness. 

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