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1 -== 5.3 Activities Performed ==
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3 -=== 5.3.1 Store data ===
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7 +== 5.3.1 Store data ==
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5 5 A key function in data management is storing the data both for current use and for long-term archiving. Earlier sections discussed logical formats for data storage; in this section, we focus on physical storage. All storage devices, locations and access accounts should be documented and accessible to team members ([[DataONE, 2011a>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-a]]). Data should be stored in non-proprietary hardware formats ([[Borer et al., 2009>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#Borer]]) so that they can be read even if the original hardware is not available. Media should be handled and stored carefully ([[DataONE, 2011d>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-d]]). Data discs should be routinely inspected and replaced as needed ([[DataONE, 2011d>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-d]]). Storing data solely on local hard drives or servers is not recommended ([[DataONE, 2011e>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-e]]): keeping multiple copies of the data files in separate locations is safer ([[DataONE, 2011e>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-e]]).
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7 -=== 5.3.2 Provide data security ===
11 +== 5.3.2 Provide data security ==
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9 9 Confidential data has to be stored in such a way that access cannot be available ([[Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, n.d.>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#Columbia]]). Data should be secured in accordance with developed data access polices.
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15 -=== 5.3.3 Control changes to data files ===
16 +== 5.3.3 Control changes to data files ==
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17 17 The original data set should be preserved in its original state ([[Borer et al., 2009>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#Borer]]; [[DataONE, 2011f>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-f]]; [[Hook et al., 2010>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#Hook]]). Unaltered images should be preserved at the highest resolution possible. ([[DataONE, 2011e>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-e]]).
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21 21 It may be appropriate to provide multiple versions of data products with defined identifiers for unambiguous reference, reflecting the state of the data at different points in time ([[DataONE, 2011g>>||anchor="DataONE-g"]]).\\
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23 -=== 5.3.4 Backup data ===
24 +== 5.3.4 Backup data ==
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25 25 Data, processing codes, and documentation should be regularly backed up ([[Hook et al., 2010>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#Hook]]) according to the defined procedures to ensure that there are at least two (and preferably more) copies of all important data. Backup devices should be selected for and regularly checked for reliability. Backups should be regularly tested for completeness and correctness to ensure that backup copies have the same content as the original data file ([[DataONE, 2011c>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-c]]). The backups should also be checked to ensure that they are secure and and that only those who need access to backups have proper access ([[DataONE, 2011c>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-c]]). Contact information should be available for the persons responsible for the backed up data ([[DataONE, 2011c>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-c]]).
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27 27 A copy of the backup should be kept at a trusted off-site location ([[DataONE, 2011b>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#DataONE-b]]). As well, keeping backup copies of data off-line will help ensure that they will are not affected by any system problems or software errors that damage the primary copy ([[Borer et al., 2009>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#Borer]]). Copies of physical data stores such as lab notebooks and samples should also be regularly stored off-site for safe keeping ([[Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, n.d.>>url:http://rdm.ischool.syr.edu/xwiki/resources/js/xwiki/wysiwyg/xwe/69418DB5FB08918068E66A3255D5BA3F.cache.html#Columbia]]).
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29 -=== 5.3.5 Curate data ===
30 +== 5.3.5 Curate data ==
30 30
31 31 Data should be selected for long-term storage according to the developed curation policies and copied to the appropriate repositories.
32 32
33 -=== 5.3.6 Perform data migrations ===
34 +== 5.3.6 Perform data migrations ==
34 34
35 35 In a long-running project, it may be necessary to migrate data to newer hardware or software formats. Such migrations should be carefully planned so they are not disruptive to the research process. When new hardware is installed, it is prudent to keep the old hardware with its copy of the data until the new device “settles in” and is deemed reliable ([[DataONE, 2011d>>||anchor="DataONE-d"]]).
36 36
37 37 When new versions of software are released, it is prudent to continue using the version of the software that was originally used to create a data file to view and manipulate the file contents ([[DataONE, 2011f>>||anchor="DataONE-f"]]). If it is necessary to use a newer version of a software package to open files created with an older version of the application, first save a copy of the original file in case there are problems with the migration. Implementation of new versions of software should be coordinated across a research group to avoid compatibility problems.
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39 -=== References ===
40 +== References ==
40 40
41 41 {{id name="Borer"/}}Borer, E. T., Seabloom, E. W., Jones, M. B., & Schildhauer, M. (2009). Some Simple Guidelines for Effective Data Management. //Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America//, //90//(2), 205–214. [[http:~~/~~/dx.doi.org/10.1890/0012-9623-90.2.205>>url:http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/0012-9623-90.2.205||rel="__blank"]]
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