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How to Use This Site

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How to Use This Site

This page is a basic guide for how to navigate and interact with this wiki. Guidance for authoring or editing pages is on another page, as are Terms of Use


You have several different choices of how to navigate your way around this website. 

There are 2 main sections of this website:

  1. Wiki of the Capability Maturity Model for Research Data Management (CMM for RDM)
  2. Blog with news about this project

Both the Wiki (the Model - CMM for RDM) and the Blog can always be reached from the menu on the right hand side of the page.

Clicking on the CMM for RDM logo at the top of every page will take you to the Home page.

Within the Wiki (the Model), you can:

  • Start at the beginning and work through the entire document one page at a time, using the "next page" and "previous page" links at the bottom of each page
  • Use the main table of contents to go directly to a particular section
  • Use the breadcrumb trail at the top of each page to move up to a parent section
  • Use the tags (on the right hand side of the page) to view a list of all related sections
  • Use the search box (upper right) to look for pages on a particular topic

Within the Blog, you can:

  • view snippets of all recent posts on the main blog page, in reverse chronological order, and click on one you would like to read fully
  • view titles of the most recent blog posts in the top left sidebar from any blog page, and click on one to read more
  • choose from blog categories from the middle left sidebar
    • from the list that opens, listed in reverse chronological order, click on one you would like to read fully

You can use the PDF export option to view or download a PDF version of either the entire document, or a particular page.

  • To export one page as a PDF
    • navigate to your desired page
    • click on "Export" on the bar below the header
    • select "Export as PDF" from the drop-down menu
    • check or uncheck the desired options to customize your export
    • click "export"
    • your PDF can then be viewed or downloaded (depending on your browser)
  • To export the entire model as a PDF


To use the comment or annotation features, you need to register with the site.


  • click on the "Register" link on the upper right
  • enter the required information into each field
  • once you submit your registration, a confirmation should appear on the screen, with a button to log in
  • from then on, you can log in (and out) via the link on the upper right

Edit your profile

  • while logged in, click on "Profile" on the upper right
  • choose "Profile" from the drop-down menu
  • edit your personal information
    • click on the pencil icon at the upper right of the Personal Information section
      • edit your profile as desired
  • add a photo
    • click on the pencil icon at the upper right corner of the photo square, at the top left
    • follow the prompts to upload your desired photo


  • to add comments to a page, scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • if you're logged in, you should see a space to "Add comment" with your name already entered as author
  • enter your comment or question in the box
  • click on the "add comment" button to submit your comment


  • click on "Annotations" on the upper right of the main section of a page
  • instructions will appear
    • select your desired text and hit Ctrl+M
    • a box will appear for you to enter your comment or question about that specific text (or you can leave it blank)
    • click on "add annotation"
    • then your comments and quoted text will appear at the bottom of the page
  • a "show annotations" checkbox will open at the top of the page
    • click on this to see all annotations highlighted in the text of the page itself
    • then you can hover over the box next to the highlighted section to view a pop-up bubble with comments


  • to subscribe to the blog
  • to subscribe to the wiki for the CMM
    • first you need to register and create an account (see above)
    • on the top left, where it says "WIKI: xwiki" click on the arrow
      • in the drop-down menu that appears, click where it says "Watch Wiki" 
      • the star should change from grey to yellow to show that you're watching it
    • on the top right, where it says "PROFILE:" click on your name to go to your profile
      • under your avatar on the left, click where it says "Watchlist"
      • where it says Watchlist Preferences at the top, click on the pencil in the upper right corner to change your preferences
        • you can choose to receive notifications (by email) either weekly, daily, or hourly
        • you can choose to be notified about new documents, major modifications (recommended), or any modifications
        • save and view your preference changes



  • all references on a page are listed at the bottom of the page
  • the parenthetical reference in the text links to the full reference at the bottom of the page
  • all references from all pages are compiled in the Bibliography at the end of the model

Zotero group

  • Zotero is a free citation management tool
  • all references from the entire CMM for RDM are listed in our Zotero group
  • register for Zotero
    • go to http://www.zotero.org
    • click on "Register" on the upper right
    • enter your information
    • click on the "Register" button
    • you will receive an email with a link to confirm your new account
    • follow the steps in the window that appears
      • add your username and password to your Zotero installation on your own computer
  • join our group
  • add items from our group library to your personal library in Zotero
    • open your Zotero library (either in Firefox or Standalone, see link to guides above)
    • scroll down through your folders on the left
    • any groups you have joined will have folders at the bottom
    • select items from our group library you would like to put in your own library (you can select them all)
    • in the left part of the window, scroll up to where it says "My Library" or to a preferred sub-folder
    • drag your selected items into that folder
  • suggest more resources for the library
    • to share a link to a resource you think should be added, you can do one of the following
      • post a comment with an appropriate link on any page of the wiki
      • post a link to the group discussion feature on the group webpage in Zotero 
      • share a link on the group webpage in Zotero to a page in the wiki that you have edited, with a new citation
    • if appropriate, an admin for our group will add it to the group library
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